Audubon Mural Project

Purple Finches by Max Kauffman

Location: 130 Hamilton Place, New York, NY 10031

Painted: 5/13/2015

Climate Threat: The Purple Finch is predicted to have to move north away from its current habitat thanks to climate change. By 2080, only 11 percent of its current summer range and 41 percent of its winter range is predicted to stay stable. Learn more about how climate change threatens this bird.

About the Artist: Max Kauffman is an artist currently residing in Oakland, California. He grew up going between the woods of South Bend, Indiana, and the best city in the world, Chicago. This back and forth continues in his art with conscious, realized line work coupling with abstract mark making. That moment of potential, that feeling of the unknown, is the foundation of his efforts, built on years of traveling, staying open to possibility while maintaining a plan—a dystopian harmony between what is and what could be.

The Artist on the Bird: “I used to draw small finches years ago so it was fun to revisit. I’d never painted on a roll down—fun challenge! My work went more textural than normal, and it was a great night to paint and see Harlem.” 

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