Ready for Superb Owl Sunday?

It's a play-on-words that Stephen Colbert can't refuse. And neither can we.

While the rest of the nation eagerly anticipates Super Bowl Sunday, Audubon sees things a little differently this week. We’re ramping up to celebrate Superb Owl Sunday.

Yes, you read that right. Why the word games? The NFL is infamous for aggressively enforcing its trademark on “Super Bowl,” litigating the living daylights out of anyone who uses the phrase in a promotion without coughing up a fee.

In response to the unsportsmanlike behavior, people got creative, generating a meme that will surely enter the Pantheon of Internet Funnies: Image macros of owls talking about football.

The meme will only get bigger with Stephen Colbert’s launch last night of a full week of Superb Owl coverage on The Colbert Report, which will include an appearance tonight by Audubon President and CEO David Yarnold and a ‘superb owl’ from Audubon Connecticut’s Sharon Center.

The Colbert Report
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Join in on the Superb Owl week fun and check out our memes below. Not content being a spectator? Head over to our Facebook page and post your favorite photo of a Superb Owl.