Painted: 11/5/2016

Sponsored By: Annette Gibert Hansen

About the Bird: Specialties of the border states and Mexico, stunning Red-faced Warblers thrive in cool mountain forests—islands of habitat surrounded by hot tropical lowlands. As the climate warms up, those forests will shrink, receding toward the mountaintops. If warming continues unchecked, Audubon calculates that the warblers could lose up to 80 percent of their current habitat.

About the Artist: A street artist based in London, ATM uses his skills to celebrate the beauty of birds and communicate the extinction crisis. When considering a mural, “I look at the shape of the wall, its location, surroundings, surface,” he says, “and I try to think about what type of bird will fit into that space.” The Red-faced Warbler is special, he says: “I’ve never seen anything like it.”

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