Painted: 11/2/2014

About the Bird: The Rusty Blackbird—aptly named for both its iron-tinged color and creaking song—hangs out in swampy locations in the eastern United States during the winter. When summer rolls around, it heads to northern spruce bogs in Canada to breed—and it’s this habitat that the bird is poised to lose with climate change. Under a scenario of 3 degrees Celsius warming, 67 percent of the Rusty Blackbird’s summer breeding habitat could be lost; half of that could be saved if warming only increases 1.5 degrees.

About the Artist: An artist now based in New York, Taylor McKimens was born in California and studied at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. He has exhibited his works extensively, notably at Deitch Projects, New York; Macro Museum, Rome; Watari Museum of Art, Tokyo; and The Hole, New York.

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