Sustaining Healthy Groundwater Levels is Critical to Habitat, Birds, and People

Webinar puts spotlight on need to protect groundwater in Arizona.

Groundwater provides a sustained flow to desert rivers in between rain and snowmelt, and it's the source of water in springs and wells. Outside of the populous areas of the state, there are few restrictions on how much groundwater can be pumped, and few tools for managing its use. This potentially affects the water future of as many as 1.5 million Arizonans. Beyond that, unlimited extraction can have detrimental effects on communities, rivers, and habitat—all of which depend on sustaining local groundwater levels.

We know that birds need water and that the overuse of groundwater degrades their riverside habitat.

To learn more, watch the webinar recording below as Audubon’s Haley Paul and Jocelyn Gibbon of Freshwater Policy Consulting talk about groundwater, its value to communities and wildlife, how it is managed, and how we might start to work towards solutions to current challenges.