The National Audubon Society's 11th Annual Women in Conservation Luncheon Honoring Ellen Futter, Kaiulani Lee, and Nell Newman As The 2014 Rachel Carson Award Recipients

The National Audubon Society celebrated the legacy of female leadership in conservation yesterday, by presenting three conservation champions with the Rachel Carson Award at The Plaza Hotel in New York, NY. The prestigious Audubon award recognizes visionary women whose dedication, talent, and energy have advanced environmental and conservation positive change locally and on a global scale.

“Audubon New York was proud to be honor Ellen Futter, Kaiulani Lee, and Nell Newman as the 2014 Rachel Carson Award recipients,” says Audubon New York Executive Director Erin Crotty.  “They are recognized both globally and locally for dedicating their talents and enthusiasm in support of advancing environmental and conservation issues, making them well-deserving of this award.  As pioneers who are effecting positive change and ushering in innovative conservation ideas they represent the true spirit of the Rachel Carson Award and we are fortunate for their leadership.”

This year The National Audubon Society also recognized a special group of women with the “Women Greening Food” special recognition. This recognition celebrates the efforts of American women whose work has advanced sustainability in food production.  The Audubon’s Women Greening Food recognition recipients included chef Alex Guarnaschelli, Mary Cleaver (founder of The Green Table), Kristen Beddard (The Kale Project), Jilly Stephens (Executive Director of City Harvest) among others.

As guests dined on a locally sourced vegetarian menu for this event catered by Liz Neumark, owner of Great Performances and member of the Audubon Women in Conservation Council, emcee NBC Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent Anne Thompson, remarked on the historical legacy of American women in conservation.

Allison Whipple Rockefeller, the founding chair of the Rachel Carson Awards Council, spoke at the ceremony with a nod to the award’s namesake saying, "I think, if anyone can, the American woman can get the message out loud and clear: that America is one nation, one people, and that its beloved landscape, water and air are one bounty that shall be respected, protected and shared by all."

Guests included:  Kaiulani Lee; Nell Newman; Ellen Futter, President of the American Museum of Natural History; Anne Thompson, Chief Environmental Affairs Correspondent for NBC News; Allison Rockefeller, Founding Chair of Women in Conservation Luncheon; Nina Zagat; Carlos Falchi; Jayni Chase; Douglas Brinkley; Warrie Price; David Jr. and Susan Rockefeller; Lois Chiles; Angela Fout, Founder of Sohha Savory Yogurt; Deborah Rutt, Oregon's Coffee Creek Correctional Facility Organic Gardening; Jilly Stephens, Executive Director of City Harvest; Danielle Nierenberg, Food Tank; Janelle Hope Robbins, Executive Director of Bedford Audubon Society; Petra Page-Mann, Owner of Fruition Seeds; Helena & Susanne Durst, McEnroe Farm; Laureen Barberl, Co-founder of Blue Hill; Lisa Schwartz, Founder of Rainbeau Ridge Farm; Virginie-Alvine Perrette, ambassador for Kale Project; Mary Cleaver, Founder  of The Green Table; Kristen Beddard, The Kale Project; Laura O'Donohue, Owner, Snow Hill Farm; Laura Rosenshine, NYC Composting

Mission: To recognize outstanding women leaders in today's conservation movement; to support environmental opportunities for girls and young women; and to educate women on important issues related to conservation and the environment.

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