The staff donning Tilley Hats at the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary.

Since I consider myself an unrepentant hot head, with the sweaty head to prove it, the Tilley Hat’s light weight and patented “Airflo” system is the perfect alternative to the oven-baking baseball caps I’ve always worn. It practically feels like you’re wearing nothing on your head. By the same token, it keeps my ears relatively warm on the days I need that, too, like the recent outing by Audubon magazine’s staff on a cool Autumn afternoon when we canoed along the Hudson River, guided by staff members from the Constitution Marsh Audubon Center and Sanctuary. From now on, I’ll pity the poor souls who have to settle for pedestrian, uncomfortable baseball caps. When wearing my Tilley (an Audubon-licensed product) in central Brooklyn where I live I may even mock them, especially if they have Yankees caps on.

Here's what a few other Audubon staffers had to say:

My Tilley was a perfect safeguard from the sun. I was not too hot or too cold, but the perfect medium with a hat that fit just right.
--Susan Cosier, Senior Editor

Having read endorsements of Tilley Hats, I was half expecting to have mine snatched from my head and eaten by an elephant. But all it did was keep the sun out of my eyes, prevent a sunburn on my scalp, and keep my head warm in the cool November weather. The absence of elephants is probably a good thing, as I may not have had the fortitude to retrieve and clean my hat following a trip through an elephantine digestive tract.
--Heidi DeVos, Director of Production and Operations

I was thrilled with my Tilley hat. It blocked the sun, stayed snugly on my head when the wind came up on the water, and felt comfortable all day long. All in all a fantastic hat for the outdoors.
--Alisa Opar, Senior Editor

I was very impressed with my Tilley hat on our recent trip to Constitution Marsh. It kept my head cool and shaded my eyes from the sun. It’s a perfect companion for an afternoon in the wilderness.
--Todd Standley, Designer

My Tilley hat helped keep the sun out of my eyes; had it rained, I’m sure it would have shielded them from droplets splattering, too!
--Julie Leibach, Senior Editor

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