Painted: October 23, 2016

(This mural has since been removed.)​​

About the Bird: A sunny counterpart to its scarlet cousin, the Western Tanager nests in the pine forests of western North America. Audubon’s climate models show it could lose about 40 percent of its existing summer range if global temperatures rise to 3 degrees Celsius. Increased wildfire would also imperil its current and future habitat.

About the Artist: Belarusian mural artist Yu-baba lives and works in New York but travels globally to paint large-scale public artworks and participate in urban art events and festivals. Most of Yu-baba’s murals are female portraits with surreal elements in which she reveals women’s energy, confidence, and beauty. It was a male Western Tanager that captured her attention for this mural, however. "I was fascinated by the beauty of this small bird,” she says. “It has the perfect combination of bright colors.”

Former Location:

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