Audubon Mural Project

Western Tanager by Yu-baba

Location: Marina Dental Center, 3768 Broadway, New York, NY 10032

Painted: October 23, 2016

Climate Threat: This sunny species is common to the pine forests of western North America. Audubon's climate model predicts a 70 percent loss of its current summer range by 2080. The model also identifies a large vacant section of eastern and central Canada vacated as suitable climate for the species. Predicting the Western Tanager’s future is complicated by potential interbreeding and competition with the closely related Scarlet Tanager. 

About the Artist: Belarusian female mural artist Yu-baba currently lives and works in New York. She spends a majority of her time traveling and painting murals across the countries, and participates in international urban art events and festivals. She primarily began focusing on creating mural art in 2013. Since that time, Yu-baba has grown and evolved within her career as a street artist. Most of Yu-baba's murals are female portraits with surreal elements in which she reveals women's energy, confidence, and beauty. Yu-baba continues to balance her love of painting large-scale public artworks with creation of canvases. Her works were exhibited in galleries in Germany and the United States, and her artworks has been published in a number of international magazines and books. Follow her on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “I chose the Western Tanager because I was fascinated by the beauty of this small bird. It has the perfect combination of bright colors.”

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