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What's So Funny About Saving Birds?

Actress Kate Flannery has a heart-to-heart about birds with Al Roker.

Actress Kate Flannery is a bird feeder. Actually, let's rephrase that...she's a feeder of the birds, she admitted during an interview with Al Roker on this morning's episode of "Wake Up With Al."

Flannery was on Roker's show representing the National Audubon Society's national campaign for bird-friendly buildingsThe talk turned a bit more serious when the actress described the arduous conditions birds face while flying through cities. Not only do they encounter deadly collisions with glass, they're also disoriented by the heavy light pollution that blankets urban centers. "It's like a weird, crazy glare of hell," Flannery says. "They're in hell," 

Flannery was also grilled about this costume...

...which she wore while starring in Audubon's Toyota TogetherGreen PSA on birds and window strikes in July. The minute-long video (the first to ever be "directed" by birds) illustrates the dangers of flying near glassy surfaces, for both birds and humans in flamboyant bird suits.

See Flannery's whole "Wake Up With Al" appearance:


And watch below for the original PSA on how to prevent these disastrous collisions:

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