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Wild Birds Unlimited Supports Audubon Camp Scholarships for 6th Year

Wild Birds Unlimited Pathways To Nature for Kids® initiative has granted the National Audubon Society $25,000 for scholarships for young people to attend summer camps at more than 30 Audubon Centers. With this grant, at least 125 deserving children will have the opportunity to spend time outdoors to learn more about birds and nature. 

Pathways To Nature for Kids has granted Audubon $235,000 for scholarships since 2007, helping more than 1,250 kids attend summer camp. With Audubon Centers across the country--in all four major flyways-- Audubon has a long history of providing life-changing experiences in natural settings. From Strawberry Plains in Mississippi to the Starr Ranch in Orange County, CA, Audubon camps shape stewards for a sustainable future. Audubon’s Hog Island Camp off the coast of Maine, begun in 1936, made vivid impressions on such conservation leaders as Rachel Carson and Roger Tory Peterson.

“This is the sixth year that Wild Birds Unlimited has provided generous support to help children take part in an Audubon experience for a week. It’s a wonderful testament about the company’s commitment to youth,” said Audubon’s Chuck Remington. “Audubon camps are helping young people develop a special bond with the environment, and our fine feathered friends, that will last a lifetime. It’s a core value we share with Wild Birds Unlimited.”

“We are honored to partner with National Audubon Society through our Pathways to Nature for Kids initiative,” says John Schaust, chief naturalist with Wild Birds Unlimited. “It is our hope, that by getting more kids outside, they will connect with the natural world and be inspired to preserve it for future generations.”

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