Painted: 11/25/2014

(This mural has since been removed.)​

About the Bird: The wild ancestors of the domestic turkey were hunted almost to extinction in centuries past, but today they are thriving across much of North America, in forest, farmland, and even open suburbs. Because Wild Turkeys are so adaptable, it’s likely they will continue to find space to survive even as rising temperatures change the landscape. Climate-related threats such as increased wildfire and spring heat waves will make that more difficult, however.

About the Artist: Painter and mixed media artist N. Soala has a gift for locating the beauty in the grotesque. His inspiration for this mural: “a story by Roald Dahl called The Magic Finger, which stresses our effect on the planet and that we need to be more empathetic.” As the New York artist asks, “How would we feel if we were on the other side of the food chain?”

Former Location:

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