Audubon Mural Project

Yellow-headed Blackbird by Don Rimx

Location: Aure Multi Services, 1732 Amsterdam, New York, NY 10031

Painted: June 6, 2016

Climate Threat: The Yellow-headed Blackbird lays claim to the cattail marshes of western North America as its breeding grounds. Audubon's climate model forecasts a 68 percent loss of its summer range by 2080, with its winter range already suffering a 64 perecent decrease. Because winter populations of the Yellow-headed Blackbird are scattered throughout Mexico, with highly localized flocks in the southwest, it makes it difficult to project their non-seasonal living space. 

About the Artist: Don Rimx’s unparalleled artistry sets him apart from the rest. As a classically trained fine artist, graffiti purist, grand scale muralist and new school tattoo artist, he does it all. Born and raised on the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, he made the move to Brooklyn in 2009. Life in the big city had a profound effect on his works of art.Through the use of intricate lines, wood and brick elements, and rich color treatments, Rimx comprises breathtaking skeletal structures exploring the synthesis of man and his city. 

Rimx has participated in many national and international urban beautification projects like Los Muros Hablan New York, Urban Nation Berlin for the UN Museum for Urban Contemporary Art, Color Libre Puerto Ricomural project, and Art Basel Miami in the Wynwood Design District. More recently, he painted for the Gateways to Newark Project, “Portraits Mural,” which is the longest mural on the East Coast. Follow him on Instagram.

The Artist on the Mural: “I chose the Yellow-headed Blackbird because aesthetically I love it's colors.” 

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