Painted: June 6, 2016

About the Bird:  The Yellow-headed Blackbird relies on the cattail marshes of western North America as its breeding grounds—habitat that has been drained over time. Global warming will pose an additional threat, shrinking both its current summer and winter ranges by roughly 20 percent, and increasing the frequency of false springs that could imperil the bird's young.

About the Artist: As a classically trained fine artist, graffiti purist, grand-scale muralist, and new-school tattoo artist, Don Rimx does it all. Born and raised on Puerto Rico, he moved to Brooklyn where big-city life had a profound effect on his art. Through the use of intricate lines, wood and brick elements, and rich color treatments, Rimx comprises breathtaking skeletal structures exploring the synthesis of man and his city. Rimx has participated in many national and international urban beautification projects like Los Muros Hablan New York, Urban Nation Berlin, Color Libre Puerto Rico, and Art Basel Miami. He chose the Yellow-headed Blackbird for its aesthetics as well: “I love its colors.”

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