Alison Wenzel

Mackenzie Fellow

Alison Wenzel is a Texas native who grew up in the town of Crawford. Raised by an outdoorsman and an environmental educator, she was always camping, hiking, and adventuring through the Texas wilderness. During her time at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Wenzel developed a love for urban gardening and environmental activism. She was an active member of the community – Wenzel volunteered at an urban farm in South Dallas and led camping trips as an executive member of the SMU Environmental Society and Geology Club. She graduated in 2018 with a double-major in Environmental Science & Geology and a minor in Environmental Anthropology. In her free time, Wenzel enjoys running, rock climbing, skiing, gardening, and spending time with her cat, Gunnison. Through the Mackenzie Fellowship, Alison hopes to instill her students with a passion for the outdoors, teach them environmentally-friendly actions, and cultivate the next generation of environmental activists.