Audubon Adventures

Audubon Adventures is an environmental curriculum, developed by professional educators, that presents standards-based science content about birds, wildlife, and their habitats. Explore activities, games, and lessons at the Audubon Adventures website.

Articles by Audubon Adventures

What Keeps Seabirds From Freezing?
May 13, 2020 — Conduct an experiment using household ingredients to discover the importance of insulation for birds that live in very cold places.
Are You As Tall As a Wading Bird?
May 06, 2020 — Measure the heights of various wading birds and see how you compare.
Celebrate Birds of Prey with Poetry
April 29, 2020 — In this activity, kids write poems about owls, eagles, hawks, or other raptors to share with family and friends.
Game: I Spy Something Wild
April 16, 2020 — Play a classic game of “I Spy,” with a twist. Look for plants and animals inside and outside the home.
DIY: Make a Pot, Plant Seeds, Grow Bird Food
April 16, 2020 — Kids make a seed-starting pot out of paper, then plant seeds, see them sprout, and transplant them to a bigger pot or the ground.
Art Project: This Place Is for the Birds!
April 08, 2020 — After learning which migratory flyway they live in, kids create invitations that promote the local area as a good place for birds to stop or stay.
Write Your Own Owl Prowl
April 01, 2020 — After reading a story about a Burrowing Owl’s adventures, kids write and illustrate their own stories about an owl that comes into their lives.
Owls: Look, Listen, Mimic, Measure!
April 01, 2020 — After looking at pictures of North American owls, kids learn the differences between five kinds of owl by playfully probing their sounds and size.
Art Lesson: How Do Birds Get Their Names?
March 25, 2020 — After learning some tips about how birds are named, kids use their imaginations to "invent" a new bird, draw it, and give it a name.