Chelsea Harvey

Chelsea Harvey is a freelance writer with a special interest in wildlife conservation. Follow her on Twitter @chelseaharvey91.

Articles by Chelsea Harvey

Birdfeeders Join the 3-D Printing Craze
September 04, 2014 — Printed Nest helps urban birds chow down in style.
Photo of the Day: Yellow-billed Oxpeckers
August 29, 2014 — Claudio Bacinello’s safari yields a well-timed photo.  
Wildlife Advocates Score a Win at Cape Hatteras
August 18, 2014 — A recent court ruling upholds law protecting wildlife habitat from off-road vehicles. 
Photo of the Day: Snowy Owl
August 18, 2014 — Mark Williams braves extreme weather in pursuit of a stunning shot.  
How a Woodpecker Bangs Without Brain Damage
August 13, 2014 — The woodpecker’s ability to protect its head may help engineers build safer cars. 
Photo of the Day: Galápagos Penguin
August 12, 2014 — Joseph Tepper gets up close and personal with a rare species. 
Can Birds Lose Their Minds?
August 05, 2014 — Laurel Braitman dishes on her new book, “Animal Madness.”   
Flashy Feathers AND a Great Song? Yep, It's Possible After All
June 25, 2014 — New study challenges long-held belief that birds only have one flashy trait.
Photo of the Day: Peregrine Falcon
June 23, 2014 — Will Sooter captures a familiar friend in flight.
Photo of the Day: Great Egret
June 19, 2014 — Tara Tanaka waits days for the perfect shot.