Jessica McKenzie

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Jessica McKenzie is an associate editor at the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Her work has been published in The New York TimesNational GeographicBackpackerThe Counter, and Grist, among other publications.

Articles by Jessica McKenzie

A black and white print of a Hooded Merganser illustration next to awls on a printed table cloth.

A Printmaker Dives Into the Aquatic Domain of a Regal Duck

March 25, 2024 — Artist Meg T. Justice provides a fresh perspective on the habitat that sustains the Hooded Merganser.

A Surreal Spin on An Abundant Sparrow

November 16, 2023 — In "Spotted Towhee" artist Phyllis Shafer depicts a widespread bird of the West in a rapidly changing landscape.
Drawing of two black birds with yellow and white patches perched, mirroring each other, on grass blades against a star-spangled black backdrop and abstract lines.

A Celebration of the Bobolink’s Star-Guided Migration

September 29, 2023 — In her piece “I’ll See You When I Get There,” artist Kirsten Furlong uses ink and acrylic to capture the birds’ seemingly magical journeys.

A Sculpture Captures the Dry Reality for Black-necked Stilts

July 11, 2023 — Artist Sarah Conti situates life-size versions of the shorebirds in a disappearing habitat.

An Abundance of American Robins

December 13, 2022 — Mayuko Fujino’s flock in flight celebrates a common species threatened by climate change.
An oil painting of a brightly-colored Western Tanager, modeled after clay, crossing a rocky expanse.

The Western Tanager of Tomorrow

September 19, 2022 — George Boorujy’s evocative artwork depicts a colorful songbird in a climate-devastated future.
An artistic rendition of a Wood Thrush lays flat against tea-soaked paper. Made entirely out of foraged materials found in nature.

The Foraged Wood Thrush

July 07, 2022 — Jessica Maffia merges her artistic talents with her enthusiasm for nature in a plant-based representation of the Wood Thrush.

Flying Gardens of Maybe

April 13, 2022 — Artist Andrew S. Yang coaxes new life from seeds that bird-strike victims consumed, turning dead ends into second chances.

How the Flights of Birds Inspired a Unique Elementary Education Program

March 18, 2021 — Musicians, artists, and innovators learn from avian flight. A new learn-from-home concert and curriculum brings three together to teach children during challenging times.

How Xavi Bou Makes His Mesmerizing Portraits of Birds in Flight

February 03, 2021 — Through photos and now video, the Spanish photographer takes an artistic approach when capturing birds flying through the sky.