Loretto Arriagada

Chile Local Programs Coordinator

Based in Chile, Loretto Arriagada is a local coordinator for Audubon. Since joining in 2020, she has been leading the implementation of the Conservation Action Plan for the Rocuant Andalien Wetland-Marsh IBA. She currently supports the coordination of the project "Integration of the conservation of coastal birds in Chile II" and the implementation of the coastal resilience strategy of Audubon Americas in Chile.

Arriagada is a Marine Biologist, with a postgraduate degree in Environmental Analysis and Management. She received a CONICYT scholarship to obtain a PhD in Environmental Sciences with mention in Continental Aquatic Systems at the Universidad de Concepción. During her PhD, she collaborated in research projects and scientific publications. Additionally, she coordinated and implemented a socio-ecological project in a coastal wetland affected by an earthquake and post-tsunami. Subsequently, she developed a postdoc at the Center for Water Resources for Agriculture and Mining (CRHIAM). She is also a volunteer in the Explora Network, where she works as an evaluator and scientific advisor in citizen science projects. loretto.arriagada@audubon.org