Noemí Moreno

National Bird Conservation Strategy for Colombia - Coordinator

Noemí Moreno joined Audubon in 2018 as coordinator for the development of the Southwestern Colombia Birding Trail. Currently, she leads the effort to update the National Strategy for the Conservation of Birds of Colombia (ENCA), a project that facilitates dialogue with multiple stakeholders to promote bird-friendly and nature-based development and advances Colombia's journey toward a more sustainable economy.

Prior to joining Audubon, Moreno worked for the Asociación Bogotana de Ornitología (ABO), where she coordinated bird monitoring and research and the Christmas Count for the Sabana de Bogotá circle. She is currently a member of ABO’s board of directors. She also served as a consultant for the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden in Bogotá, where she led efforts to monitor birds in conjunction with the treatment and maintenance of the city's trees. Moreno holds a B.S. from Universidad INCCA de Colombia and a M.S. in conservation and use of biodiversity from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana.