Rachel Nuwer

Reporter, Audubon Magazine

Freelancer Rachel Nuwer wrote "Setting Free the Birds," in the January-February issue.

Articles by Rachel Nuwer

A Buddhist Ritual Gets an Ecologically Correct Update
January 21, 2014 — "Release life," the practice of freeing caged animals into the wild to generate good karma, is now an environmentally friendly act of kindness.
One Species’ Invasive Enemy May be Another’s Lunch
December 12, 2013 — Some birds may be benefitting from shiny green insects.
Solving the Riddle of One of the World’s Heaviest Flying Birds
July 25, 2013 — Mimi Kessler’s studies reveal the surprising migration of the elusive Asian great bustard.
Birds Act as Peacekeepers in Conflict-plagued Israel and Palestine
June 19, 2013 — Israeli zoologist and birder Yossi Leshem helped organize a trans-boundary birding project that benefits both birds and people.
Raising Fish in Urban Areas
September 17, 2012 — Farming fish like tilapia in cities could take pressure off wild stocks.
Raising Baby Corals for Reef Restoration
May 30, 2012 — Restoring the Florida Keys, one piece at a time. 
One Man Sets Out to Make El Salvador a Birding Destination
April 23, 2012 — One overlooked Central American country could draw birders with the help of an avian crusader.
The Rap on Apps: Could They Be Harming Birds?
December 14, 2011 — Overusing apps may be bad for birds.
Not a Sparrow Falls: Saving New York City's Wild Birds
September 02, 2011
Pigs Have Wings and Elephants Fly: Vertebrates Find a Home in
August 25, 2011