Audubon Puzzles, Games & DIY Kits

From puzzles to playing cards to even a birding-themed board game - have fun while learning more about the birds you love.

Whether you're looking for the challenge of a jigsaw puzzle, the competition of a board game, or a quick, casual game of cards, Audubon's new line of puzzles and games has something for everyone! 

The new line includes two colorful 1000 piece puzzles, a set of playing cards with species IDs for all birds featured, and a nature-themed board game titled Bird-Spotting Opoly in which players aim to collect North America's most iconic feathered friends. 

Plus, check out our newest DIY paint kits for kids. Designed to be a fun introductory project for kids interested in birds, each kit includes an unassembled bird feeder or birdhouse, and project materials like paint and colorful stickers. Find out more about all of our puzzles, games, and DIY kits here.