Audubon View

Stand Up for Your Public Lands

— This summer, get outside and get organized to protect America’s national parks and monuments.

If You Care About Birds, Protect the MBTA

— The landmark law that has saved billions of birds is at risk.

Get Ready for the Year of the Bird

— A broad and timely alliance between Audubon, National Geographic, BirdLife, and Cornell steps up to protect birds and the places they need.

Zinke's New Conservation Plans Will Hurt, Not Help, Sage-Grouse Recovery Efforts

— As the saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.
Canoers navigate through a wetland in the central Everglades. Mac Stone

Politicians Are Offering a False Choice Between Nature and the Economy

— Protecting birds and the environment doesn’t have to come at the cost of economic health and growth.
Roseate Spoonbill. Phillip Hardy/Audubon Photography Awards

When Audubon Members Speak Up for Birds, Congress Listens

— In response to a draconian budget proposal, the Audubon network sprang into action and ensured key conservation programs stayed funded.
Wilson's Warbler. Camilla Cerea/Audubon

Audubon Is a Force of Nature, Thanks to Its Members

— There’s never been a greater need for our local-everywhere approach to solutions.
A Whooping Crane offers an insect to its hatchling in Wood Buffalo National Park, Canada. Klaus Nigge/National Geographic Creative

A Call for Hope

— When you protect birds, you protect the planet. And each one of us has the power to make things better for birds.
Eastern Bluebirds. Danny Brown/Audubon Photography Awards

A Shared Path Forward

— After a contentious election, Audubon remains dedicated to protecting birds and the places they—and we—need to thrive.

The Respect and Compassion Vote

— During a historically uncivil election season, David Yarnold, Audubon's president and CEO, says it’s time to remember what really matters.