Behind the Shot

A bright yellow Prothonotary Warbler emerges from a cavity in a mossy cypress knee, a woody structure that grows near the base of a cypress tree.

To Protect Her Subjects, a Photographer Chooses Patience Over Playback

— Kelley Luikey wants birders and shutterbugs to recognize that playing recorded songs can stress vulnerable birds.

These Scrappy Photos Capture the Action-Packed World Beneath a Bird Feeder

— A photographer pursues common yard wildlife from a different perspective.
American Robins. Ryan Cassella

For This Budding Naturalist, Time With Dad Makes Photography a Perfect Hobby

— At age seven, Ryan Cassella documented the American Robin family nesting in his family's yard.

How a Photographer Snuck Under the Wing of a Loon Parent

— To capture this image of a concealed loon chick, teenager Carolina Fraser focused on a split-second moment.

Camera Trap Captures Strange, Long-legged, Pointy-beaked Panther

— Photographer Carlton Ward got a lot less cat and a lot more Great Blue Heron than he expected during a recent project in Florida.

How One Photographer Got Up Close and Personal With a Curious Loon

— After a friendly tip, a canceled flight, and a rented bike, Liron Gertsman snapped this intimate shot of the inquisitive bird
Atlantic Puffin. Ann Pacheco/Audubon Photography Awards

How Lost Luggage Led to This Amazing Shot of an Atlantic Puffin

— For photographer Ann Pacheco, the potentially trip-ruining mishap ended up being a blessing in disguise.

A Curious Owlet Peeks Out of Its Nest Box. A Vigilant Photographer Is Ready.

— Ashleigh Scully, 16, captured this shot of a curious young screech owl while doing her homework at the kitchen table. Here's how.
When Groo went to check on the Killdeer nest after a late spring snowstorm, she discovered one parent dutifully keeping the eggs warm. Melissa Groo

How a Photographer's Kind Heart Led to This Snowy Shot of a Killdeer

— By protecting the Killdeer's nest from harm, Melissa Groo was able to capture one parent's impressive devotion to its eggs.
Attwater's Prairie Chicken. Noppadol Paothong

A Rare Encounter With an Even Rarer Bird

— How Noppadol Paothong captured the one-and-only prairie chicken “Sampson” up close.