The Birdist’s Rules of Birding

“So what’s this all about? Primarily, this column is going to be a guide for nascent birders, the “bird curious” among us, if you will, looking to get deeper into the hobby.”

Birdist Rule #96: Know Which Wrens Live Near You

— And how to find them.
Photos: Courtesy of Tiffany Kersten

Birdist Rule #43: Personalize Your License Plate With Something Birdy

— Let your birder flag fly.

Birdist Rule #59: Learn to Identify Warblers From Below

— The underside is what you spend the most time looking at, after all.

Birdist Rule #48: Go Find a Swan—a Wild Swan

— And when you do, prepare to be wowed.

Birdist Rule #74: Watch Some Movies About Birding

— Stuck indoors for the holidays? Scrutinize these birding movies instead of real-life field marks.

Rule #46: Go on a Successful Birding Trip Without a Guide

— Intimidated to chase a lifer on your own? Don't be. Just use my bird-finding strategy, known as I.B.I.S.

Birdist Rule #83: Identify Your First Ibis

— Beware: We have three species, and two of them can be really confusing.

Birdist Rule #87: Know How to Bird on Vacation with a Non-Birding Spouse

— It's possible, but compromise is key.

Birdist Rule #4: Avoid Making These Boneheaded Birding Mistakes

— As experienced by yours truly.

Birdist Rule #81: Learn How to Handle Your First ‘Dip’

— Missing a bird you've traveled to see, or ‘dipping,’ can be a disappointing experience. It’s also a birding rite of passage.