Birds in the News

One of the 13 Bald Eagles found dead. Maryland Natural Resources Police

Why Were 13 Bald Eagles Found Dead in Maryland?

— The discovery has federal officials hot on the case. Here’s what might have happened to the birds.
Perija Tapaculo (Scytalopus perijanus) is a newly identified species found in the humid mountains and elfin forests of northwestern Venezuela and northern Colombia. Andres Cuervo/Flickr Creative Commons

New South American Bird Species Discovered in Old Museum Drawer

— A group of tropical passerines adds another member to its ranks (sort of).

The Eager Eagle Finder

— Filmmaker Charlie Engelman dreamt of glimpsing one Bald Eagle, but saw hundreds instead.

Seattle Girl Befriends Generous Neighborhood Crows

— In return for food, Gabi Mann gets some bizarre gifts from her feathered allies.