Boreal Forests

Canada's flag illustration
Boreal Forests

Canada Shows Leadership in Halting Biodiversity Loss

By National Audubon Society
August 31, 2023 — Audubon commends the Government of Canada’s global and domestic leadership on conservation and biodiversity.
Wet American Golden-Plover standing on the ground.
Boreal Forests

Tullik’s Odyssey Continues into the Boreal Forest and Across Canada

By Rebecca Sentner
August 24, 2023 — An interview with Jeff Wells, Vice President of Boreal Conservation with National Audubon Society on the American Golden-Plover Southbound Migration Project.
Boreal Chickadee
Boreal Forests

Boreal Forest Experiences Record-breaking Wildfire Season

By Rebecca Sentner and Jeff Wells
July 25, 2023 — Why it should matter to all of us and what can be done about it.

How Do Wildfires in Canada’s Boreal Forest Affect Birds Across the Continent?

By Anna Gibbs
June 22, 2023 — Hundreds of fires continue to blaze in what officials say could become Canada’s worst fire season in recorded history.
Behind-the-scenes photo of Tomas Koeck with his camera.
Boreal Forests

New Documentary Will Showcase the Atlantic Flyway

By National Audubon Society
May 26, 2023 — A conversation with the filmmaker, Tomas Koeck.
Greater Sage Grouse on Sagebrush Steppe.
Audubon Americas

Building Back Biodiversity

By National Audubon Society
May 19, 2023 — Celebrating the International Day of Biological Diversity 2023
A streaky white and brown shorebird with a long beak and long yellow legs wades in shallow water.
Audubon Americas

Water: A Critical Resource for Birds and People Everywhere

By National Audubon Society
May 11, 2023 — Follow the Lesser Yellowlegs to discover important water sources and learn about all the ways they sustain life across the hemisphere.
White-throated Sparrow standing on a stump.
Boreal Forests

The Seal River Watershed Alliance and Audubon

By Jeff Wells, Audubon; Stephanie Thorassie, Seal River Watershed Alliance
April 24, 2023 — Listening to what birds tell us in order to protect the Boreal.
Male Surf Scoter floating.
Boreal Forests

The Original Winter Surfer

By Jeff Wells, Casey Arndt, Trina Bayard, Andrea Jones, and David Krause
April 17, 2023 — From the Pacific Coast to the Boreal Forest
Close-up of a Cape May Warbler.
Boreal Forests

Smithsonian Traveling Exhibition Examines the Importance of the Boreal Forest

April 12, 2023 — Press Release from the Smithsonian Institution