Boreal Forests

Flock of Canada Geese in flight.

The Avian Flu in Canada

While humans have been dealing with the difficult and sad implications of COVID, birds have been dealing with their own deadly virus called Highly

Ruby-throated Hummingbird and flower.

22 Actions You Can Take for Birds

— Biodiversity Day is on May 22, and it is a great opportunity to commit to helping protect the incredible diversity of life on this planet, including BIRDS!
Red-winged Blackbird are early spring arrivals in Maine.

Flying North

— It's the time of year when migratory birds are on the move, heading north to their summer breeding grounds. Many are bound for the Boreal of Canada.
Blackburnian Warbler on a branch.

From the Boreal Forest to the Tropical Forest

— Find out how the beautiful Blackburnian Warbler sparks one Audubon employee's passion for conservation.
Boreal Forest of Canada.

Breathing In, Breathing Out

— Our deep relationship with the trees of the Boreal Forest.
Red-throated Loon swimming.

Indigenous-led conservation in Hudson and James Bays.

— Protecting Cultural Heritage, Biodiversity, and an Essential Stopover Site for Red-throated Loons.
Red-throated Loon swimming.

La conservation dirigée par les Autochtones dans la région de la baie d’Hudson et de la baie James

— Protéger l’héritage culturel, la biodiversité et la halte migratoire essentielle des Plongeons Catmarins.
Three Greater Yellowlegs.

The Important Role of “Swamplands” in the Fight Against Climate Change

— "Swamplands" are often-underappreciated ecosystems. They play a critical role in mitigating floods, filtering water, slowing wildfires, and regulating climate change.
An aerial view of the Seal River Watershed.

An Indigenous Alliance Rallies to Conserve the Summer Home of Millions of Birds

— The Sayisi Dene and their Cree, Dene, and Inuit neighbors are surveying the remote avian habitats of the Seal River Watershed to help support their case for permanent protection.
Paruline à couronne rousse.

La forêt boréale est source d'espoir dans la lutte contre les changements climatiques et la perte de biodiversité

— Au moment où les dirigeants du monde entier se réunissent à l’occasion de la COP26, nous examinons le rôle que peuvent jouer des lieux comme la forêt boréale du Canada.