Boreal Forests

The shore of James Bay.

My Great Birding Adventure

— Kohl Barrault shares his experience participating on a bird survey in Northern Quebec.

Fall Migration Reminds Us It is Time to Take Action on Biodiversity Loss

As the hot North American summer fades into the cooler days of autumn/fall, tens of millions of migratory birds are traveling south every day acros

Ross's Geese and Snow Geese

Land Worth Protecting

— Indigenous-led efforts are keeping bird habitat safe in Manitoba.

New Tracking Tower Reveals 2,000-mile Shorebird Connection

— With migration in full swing, three radio-tagged dowitchers make the same journey to Audubon sanctuary.

Yellowlegs Mysteries Revealed.

— Ten Lesser Yellowlegs were tagged in April in Colombia. After being tracked north through the US, they eventually disappeared. But now they are back!
Common Loon.

A New Indigenous Protected Area Emerges on Hudson Bay

— The Seal River Watershed Alliance will help protect 12 million acres of lakes, rivers, and lands.
Flock of Canada Geese in flight.

The Avian Flu in Canada

— While humans have been dealing with the implications of COVID, birds have been dealing with their own deadly virus.
Ruby-throated Hummingbird and flower.

22 Actions You Can Take for Birds

— Biodiversity Day is on May 22, and it is a great opportunity to commit to helping protect the incredible diversity of life on this planet, including BIRDS!
Red-winged Blackbird are early spring arrivals in Maine.

Flying North

— It's the time of year when migratory birds are on the move, heading north to their summer breeding grounds. Many are bound for the Boreal of Canada.
Blackburnian Warbler on a branch.

From the Boreal Forest to the Tropical Forest

— Find out how the beautiful Blackburnian Warbler sparks one Audubon employee's passion for conservation.