pipes lay across a partially constructed island of light-colored sand. the island is near shore, but surrounded by water.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

— A dredging operation provides material to restore Crab Bank, an important seabird sanctuary in Charleston Harbor.
An Atlantic Puffin stands on a granite rock, its black-and-white feathers drenched from the ocean, clutching fish of several different sizes in its bright orange bill.

Long-Awaited Fisheries Bills Advance as Rough Year for Seabirds Comes to a Close

— Seabirds need better fisheries policies to raise their chicks in the face of climate change.

Audubon California's Sarah Rose Joins State and Environmental Leaders to Call for End to Offshore Oil Drilling

— Briefing organized by Asm. Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Huntington Beach)

Black Skimmers Successfully Nest on Louisiana Mainland for First Time in a Decade

— These seabirds capitalized on a restored beach in southwest Louisiana this year after several hurricanes.

New Funding to Help Gulf Coast Beachgoers Share the Shore with Birds

— Audubon leads a new collaborative effort to design more effective coastal stewardship and management plans for the Gulf of Mexico.

A Decisive Victory for the Most Important Coastal Law You’ve Never Heard of

— Audubon won a lawsuit to prevent sand mining on protected beaches and plans to expand this powerful policy.

Getting the Low-Down on Advocacy from Sally Puent

— It’s all about practice, and knowing what your goals are.

Eelgrass is the Climate-fighting Hero the Ocean Needs

— This seagrass provides carbon storage, feeding grounds for birds, and a refuge for sea life from more acidic waters.
Reddish Egret. Marjie Goldberg/Audubon Photography Awards

President Biden Uses His First 100 Days to Protect the Ocean

— New policies like offshore energy reform and climate-ready fisheries will protect birds and people from climate change.

Largest-ever Seabird Action Week Demonstrates the Power of the Audubon Network

— Audubon’s third annual advocacy week brings activists together from around the country to speak up for seabirds.