New Bipartisan Legislation Will Modernize a Crucial Coastal Law

— The Strengthening Coastal Communities Act will build on the decades-long success of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act.
A group of puffins, black and white seabirds with large orange beaks and feet, stand on a rock with the ocean behind them.

After a Climate Disaster Last Year, Maine’s Seabirds Get a Reprieve

— Audubon researchers say seabirds across the state successfully raised chicks at double the rate of last year.

Audubon CEO Dr. Elizabeth Gray Testifies Before U.S. Senate on Coastal Legislation

— The hearing covered four coastal bills that would protect people and birds in the face of climate change.

This World Oceans Day, Explore the Secrets of Seabirds

— Our video series dives into the lives of seabirds and the threats they face.

Our Best Defense Against Hurricanes Is to Modernize This Coastal Law

— Congress must expand on the success of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act to protect people and birds from climate change.

Crucial Coastal Bill Gains Momentum in Congress

— The SHORRE Act will make coastal communities and birds more resilient to climate change.
Several large American White Pelicans take flight on an island, while a large group of other waterbirds congregate on the beach in the background.

A Plan to Keep Texas's Rookeries Rooted in Place

— Without action, a century of bird conservation could wash away with these small islands on the Texas coast.
pipes lay across a partially constructed island of light-colored sand. the island is near shore, but surrounded by water.

One Good Turn Deserves Another

— A dredging operation provides material to restore Crab Bank, an important seabird sanctuary in Charleston Harbor.
An Atlantic Puffin stands on a granite rock, its black-and-white feathers drenched from the ocean, clutching fish of several different sizes in its bright orange bill.

Long-Awaited Fisheries Bills Advance as Rough Year for Seabirds Comes to a Close

— Seabirds need better fisheries policies to raise their chicks in the face of climate change.

Audubon California's Sarah Rose Joins State and Environmental Leaders to Call for End to Offshore Oil Drilling

— Briefing organized by Asm. Cottie Petrie-Norris (D-Huntington Beach)