Sheltering in Place in Manhattan—With 18 American Chestnut Saplings

By Paul Greenberg
May 21, 2020 — Disease and logging nearly wiped out the towering trees in the early 20th century. Now the pandemic endangers a one-man operation trying to help the species endure.

COVID-19 Halted Arctic Refuge Bird Research, but Oil Leasing May Continue

By Daniel Ackerman
May 18, 2020 — This summer was supposed to be the last chance to study nesting birds before oil development began. Now even those plans are hazy.

In Quarantine, I Finally Understood the Magic of Birds

By Leigh Abramson
May 14, 2020 — It took a pandemic for me to see what my mother had been trying to show me my whole life.

Amid the Names of Coronavirus Victims, a Beloved Childhood Author Jumped Out

By Camilla Cerea
May 11, 2020 — Luis Sepúlveda's death spurred Audubon's photo editor to revisit a favorite childhood book, and realize how much it has shaped her life.

Why Birding From Home Is Not An Equal Opportunity Activity

By Tyler Santora
April 30, 2020 — Poorer neighborhoods often harbor less quality green space and a lower diversity of birds—an inequity that the pandemic makes hard to ignore.

EPA’s Recent Rollbacks Raise Public Health Worries for Vulnerable Americans

By Andy McGlashen
April 24, 2020 — People of color already face more pollution linked to a higher risk of dying from COVID-19, and now the government is easing air-quality regulations.

From Meadow to Marsh, Habitats May Take a Hit During Pandemic

By Jessica McKenzie
April 20, 2020 — Restoration projects will likely see setbacks this spring, as invasive species removals and prescribed burns are put on hold.

Self-Isolation Is Turning Children Into Budding Birders

By Susan Cosier
April 15, 2020 — During the coronavirus crisis, families are discovering their avian neighbors and nurturing the next generation of nature lovers.

For Scientists Who Study Birds, This Spring Is Without Precedent

By Marion Renault
April 08, 2020 — Due to COVID-19, many researchers who track avian health have stopped or limited work just as migration, breeding, and nesting season ramps up.

Canceled Birding Festivals Deal Host Towns a Major Economic Blow

By Asher Elbein
April 01, 2020 — As event organizers are forced to make tough decisions over coronavirus concerns, local businesses and nonprofits brace for the fallout.