A group of male and female Wild Turkeys foraging close together.
Native Americans Domesticated Turkeys Long Before the Pilgrims Arrived
November 15, 2023 — Indigenous societies in the Americas valued the birds so highly that they tamed them at least twice, including in the U.S. Southwest. Turkey feathers still have abundant uses to tribes there today.
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When Women Run the Bird World
May 03, 2019 — For decades female birders have been the silent majority. Now they’re starting their own movements to transform a privileged culture.
The National Parks Have a Diversity Problem. This Couple Has Been Working for 20 Years to Fix It.
February 27, 2019 — Audrey and Frank Peterman want any and everyone to get outside and get involved in the environmental movement.
When Taxidermy Goes Rogue
March 30, 2016 — What do dead fancy chickens, two Brooklyn artists, conservation, and the ancient art of taxidermy have in common? A lot, actually.