This Newly Discovered Dino-Bird Sported Flashy, Iridescent Feathers

— A Chinese fossil suggests that some feathered dinosaurs flaunted glamorous getups to rival the colorful displays of modern birds.
Reimagining of a Tyrannosaurus rex. Science Photo Library/Alamy

Hoot Goes the T. Rex?

— Scientists may have found a surprising parallel between bird and dinosaur sounds.
Fossilized skull of lithornithid, a relative of tinamous and ostriches, from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. Sterling Nesbitt

Get This: Ancient Ostrich Relatives Used to Strut Across the American West

— New fossils hint that the U.S. was once home to an exotic group of birds.

A Stunning Look at the First 3-D Prehistoric Bird Wings Ever Found by Scientists

— The fossils were discovered in Myanmar amber—a form of mummification that's typical for insects.

How Did Bird Ancestors Survive the Apocalypse?

— Some avian dinosaurs were able to find food after the asteroid hit, thanks to one key adaptation.