Why You Shouldn't Feed or Bait Owls

— Some photographers use live mice or even cat toys to attract owls for an action shot. The photo isn't worth it—here's why.

Rare-Bird Sightings: Share or Shut Up?

— Before you post a photo on Facebook—or even take the shot in the first place—consider the bird's well-being.
Common Terns. Melissa Groo

Dos and Don’ts of Nest Photography

— You should always photograph birds responsibly. But you have to be extra responsible during nesting season.
Audubon Sanctuary Manager Mark Rachal posts a new sign on the beach of a small island in Hillsborough Bay, in an effort to protect the nesting Oystercatchers. Melissa Lyttle

The Ethical Bird Photographer

— Some commonsense guidelines can help you get the shots you want while protecting the birds you love.
The Alafia Bank Bird Sanctuary is one of the best places in the world to see Roseate Spoonbills. To capture them in their glory, photographers creep shoreward, sometimes stressing the birds at the most sensitive times in their life cycle. Melissa Lyttle

Too Close for Comfort

— In the desire to get the perfect shot, some photographers push the limits, jeopardizing the wildlife they adore. Can’t we all just get along?