In the Field

A Birder's Workout Guide for Preventing Warbler Neck

— Feeling the burn during migration? Build your core muscles with these six expert-approved exercises.
Baltimore and Bullock's Oriole hybrids are common around the Great Plains. Kevin Jordan/Great Backyard Bird Count

Four Quick Tips for Identifying Hybrids

— A mix of two different species, these birds trick experts and novices alike.

Find Northern Saw-whet Owls With These Five Tips

— One of our smallest owl species, they can be found in suburbs and cities.

Ten Tips for Waterfowl Beginners

— Ducks, geese, and swans are extremely common. Take advantage of that to sharpen your birding skills.

Understanding the Basics of Bird Molts

— As the seasons change, so do birds' feathers. A birder should be prepared.

A Birder’s Guide to Public Transportation

— Trains, buses, bikes, ferries, and ride shares can get you to that rare bird. Here’s how to make the best use of these options.

When It Comes to Birding, Nude Beaches Are as Good as Any

— Ever birded among the buff? You may not have a choice if a good species shows up.

Why You Need to Try Paddle Birding

— When in a canoe or kayak, you can observe and experience birds in a new way—and bank some memorable adventures while you're at it.

Shorebirds 101: What to Look for When You Hit the Water

— The diversity of shorebirds is stunning, but it can also be overwhelming. Here are four staple groups to get you started.

How to Go From Watching Birds to Drawing Them

— Sketching while outdoors or even at home will broaden your birding skill set and add a whole new dimension to the hobby.