Birders of the World Can Now Learn Close to a Thousand Species in Arabic

— The new “Birds of the Middle East” app makes the region's rich avian offerings accessible to schoolkids, residents, and travelers.
The writer and her son field testing some bird apps. (The Porg t-shirt only heightens the birding experience.) Linda McCarthy

Which Bird Apps Are Best for Kids?

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Wildlife photographer, Stefano Unterthiner, all geared up to photograph. Stéphanie Unterthiner

Five Essentials for Successful Duck Photography

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The LowePro Dry Zone 200. Martin Hartley

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Six Apps to Better Your Next Birding Adventure

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Now we're talking: Hover close to forest birds in the Stingray, a rainproof, three-person tent that can be hung between trees. Portfolio Vero Beach

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This Forster’s Tern has no clue there's a human hiding underneath it. David Stimac/<a href=""></a>

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