Greening the Grid

With renewable energy on the rise, many electric utilities—especially those dependent on fossil fuels—are facing a crisis. Some are embracing the challenges necessary to implement new infrastructure, but others are resisting change. A new stories series from Audubon investigates the industry at this crucial time. 

This Little-Known Electricity Agency Could Give Renewable Energy the Push It Needs

— State public utility commissions have the power to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change. Some have already begun.

A Federal Clean Energy Standard Would Build On Decades of State Experience

— Already 30 states have set clean-energy goals. Their successes in meeting them, and proving critics wrong, are the seeds for a national standard.

Electric Utilities, Long Anchored by Coal, Are Starting to Break for Renewables

— Renewable electricity will save money in the long run. But that’s tough logic for utilities desperate to earn every penny from their fossil-fuel investments.

Why Electric Utilities Are Resorting to Dark Money and Bribes to Resist Renewables

— Many utility companies cling to old business models and dirty fuels rather than go through the tough energy transition climate change demands.