ID Tips

How to Recognize Six Warblers in Their Fall Feathers

— Study the finer details of migrating warblers with our handy photo guide.
Is this Black-crowned Night-Heron really bigger than a bridge? Perspective can change everything in birding. Chuck Seamens/Audubon Photography Awards

Five Ways to Troubleshoot Your Birding Problems

— When your bird guide isn't getting it done, try these hacks and alternatives to make a better ID.
Green Jay. Illustration: Charley Harper

How to Identify Birds

— Before you judge a bird by its color, use these eight clues to guide you.

A Beginner’s Guide to IDing Cooper’s and Sharp-Shinned Hawks

— The differences are subtle, but shape and size can help in a big way.
Left: Hairy Woodpecker. Right: Downy Woodpecker. Illustrations from the book "A Field Guide to the birds" by Roger Tory Peterson.

How to Tell a Hairy Woodpecker From a Downy Woodpecker

— Size and tail color are two of the biggest clues when deciphering these two backyard regulars.
Common Raven. <a href="">Minette Layne</a>/Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

How to Tell a Raven From a Crow

— These black birds may belong to the same family and look similar in some ways, but several distinctive traits help set them apart.