International Travel

Natural Wonders on the Caribbean's Island of Dominica

— Newly discovered by adventurous travelers and the eco-minded, Dominica is a Caribbean pearl that harbors jewel-like rare parrots and a boiling lake.
For beginners looking to jump-start their primate lists, take a trip to Madagascar, where lemurs, such as this black-and-white ruffed lemur, abound. Photograph by Russell Mittermeier

Primate Watching Is the New Birding

— Counting species has long been a feathery obsession, but now a world-renowned conservation biologist wants globetrotters to pursue other finds, from mouse lemurs to mountain gorillas, that are downright hairy. 

A Father-Son Adventure in Peru's Amazon

— You can join boatloads of tourists on the Tambopata River. Or you can take an eight-hour boat ride deeper into the jungle to a unique ecolodge, where you’ll be dazzled by a chorus of howler monkeys and waves of brilliant red-and-green macaws.

Journey to Quebec’s Saint Lawrence River

— An unpredictable haven for cetaceans, as well as hundreds of thousands of birds, Quebec’s St. Lawrence River is an eco-traveler’s dream.

On Safari in Botswana

— Botswana is a place of almost mythic names: the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango Delta. Our 10-day safari is your guide to turning this land of boundless beauty into your wildlife-watching dream come true.

An Experiment in Ecotourism Thrives on St. John

— Wake up in a solar-powered tent and snorkel in an aquamarine underworld while helping preserve St. John’s natural appeal. The Maho Bay resort has proven that there can be responsible, and sustainable, alternatives to your typical beach resort.
A bumpy, five-hour drive northwest of Alice Spring, Newhaven Reserve contains rocky mountain ranges, scrubby woodlands, towering red sand dunes, and more than 160 types of birds.  George Fetting

Journey to Australia, the Original Oz

— Scorching deserts filled with birdsong, a coast dotted with life-restoring aboriginal fires, rivers pulsing with crocodiles. At once the most dangerous and beautiful place on earth, Australia’s Northern Territory is the true outback.
Halfway up 2,539-foot Harter Fell, the author takes in the breathtaking view of Haweswater, home to England's only pair of breeding golden eagles. Macduff Everton

Walking With Wordsworth: Visiting England's Lake District

— “A wild scene of crag and mountain,” the roughly thousand square miles that comprise England’s Lake District inspired the ideals of the Romantic era and formed the roots of the environmental movement.
The biogeographical zones of the Iranian plateau, African savannah, Arabian desert, and Mediterranean climate merge at the Dana Reserve. Jiro Ose

Mideast Miracle

— Amid the region’s political and religious turmoil, Jordan has set up a cluster of national parks that conserve an astonishing array of biodiversity.
A scarlet macaw Ingo Arndt/Minden Pictures

Over the Rainbow

— Deep in Peru’s Amazon, visitors on a storied steamboat discover a bounty of colorful wildlife, from pink dolphins and scarlet macaws to giant river otters and black caimans.