Letter From the Editor

A Club for Everyone

— Birds bring people together, but sometimes it requires a thoughtful assist.

When Problems Present, So Do New Opportunities to Help Birds

— While we can't predict every unintended consequence, we know enough to head them off.

How To Help Birds in the Long Run

— Conservation wins take time to build—and quick action to protect.

The Power of Pictures to Promote Conservation

— Photography can communicate the beauty and fragility of nature. It can also help build a movement to save it.
Illustration: Eric Nyquist

By Design: An Update on Audubon Magazine

— After nearly two decades, one creative era draws to a close, and another begins. 

The Alarming Decline of the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Is a Wake-Up Call

— These birds are barely hanging on in the wild, but there’s still hope.
Before Audubon magazine became Audubon, it was Bird Lore, a hallowed space for the likes of great nature writers such as Edward Abbey and Roger Tory Peterson. Seventy years later we continue that journalistic excellence and tradition. Ambika Singh

Audubon Remains Dedicated to Practicing Journalism You Can Trust

— Our commitment to rigorous reporting stretches back more than a century—and far into the future.

This Spring, Help Birds by Growing Native Plants

— Looking to make a positive contribution to the world? Audubon has a handy new tool to help.

That Thing with Feathers

— When the world starts to look dark, it can help to pay close attention to the beauty around us.
Palm nuts being harvested at an oil processing plant outside Tangkahan, Indonesia. Paul Hilton

Why We Partnered With FERN on Our Palm Oil Investigation

— When nonprofit conservation meets nonprofit journalism, great things ensue in the magazine.