Renewable Energy

We Need Bird-Friendly Transmission to Fight Climate Change. Getting There Will Take Collective Action.
August 09, 2023 — By working together, we can help build the transmission grid birds need.
As Climate Impacts Loom, Audubon Calls for Rapid Expansion of Well-Sited Clean Energy Transmission
August 01, 2023 — New report lays out the importance of building the clean energy grid to stabilize climate.
Audubon Settlement Improves Protections for Golden Eagles in California’s Altamont Pass
May 16, 2023 — Important concessions will reduce risks to birds while allowing for wind energy development needed to act on climate.
A bright red bird with black wings perched on a tree branch and singing.
Congress Must Maintain Historic Climate and Economic Progress
April 20, 2023 — A plan to raise the nation’s debt ceiling would reverse job-creating tax incentives and jeopardize climate and conservation protections.
Why Climate Matters for Birds, on Earth Day and Every Day
April 10, 2023 — Audubon is protecting birds and the places they need in a climate-altered world.
A Northern Gannet flies toward camera with grass in its beak.
What Offshore Wind Energy Can Teach Us About Seabirds
March 10, 2023 — We’re learning more about seabirds from the monitoring studies required for offshore wind energy development.
A parent loon feeds a fish to its chick sitting on the other parent's back. A second chick swims in the water beside them.
Minnesota’s New Carbon-Free Energy Plan is a Win for Birds and People
February 07, 2023 — The state is the latest to adopt 100 percent clean energy goals.
Interior Department Holds Offshore Wind Lease Sale in California
December 06, 2022 — “Environmentally responsible offshore wind can help reduce our carbon emissions while protecting birds and the places they need.”
Finding Clean Energy Solutions in Eastern Washington
October 21, 2022 — The launch of Washington’s least-conflict solar siting project is a milestone for Audubon’s clean energy efforts in the state.
A bald eagle flies upsidedown
Improvements to FWS Permit Process Could Help Protect Eagles While Advancing Renewable Energy Projects
September 29, 2022 — Audubon will work to ensure that the final rule advances the conservation of Bald and Golden Eagles