Tips and How-Tos

Recording Lots of Bird Videos? Here's What to Do After You Hit Stop

— Tara Tanaka, a videographer and judge for the new video category in this year's Audubon Photography Awards, shares her how-to guide for managing video files and key editing tips.

How to Record Great Audio of Birds and Their Environments

— To capture clear sounds of birds that you are filming, follow these tips.

Use Blur to Paint With Birds—and Other Creative Avian Photography Strategies

— In low light conditions, you can get experimental with your methods to yield fascinating shots.

Use Your Photography to Support and Advance Conservation

— Go beyond taking photos of beautiful birds and their fascinating behaviors. Aim to inspire action.
Using remote triggers to operate your camera, birds like these Sandhill Cranes will carry on as if no one was watching. Mac Stone

Use a Remote Trigger to Get Your Camera Closer to Birds

— Even the best blind won’t help you capture certain shots—but that doesn’t mean you have to give up, writes photographer Mac Stone.

Get Started With Camera Traps to Nab Unusual Bird Photos

— Change your viewpoint with technology that snaps the shutter for you.
Short-eared Owl. Diana Whiting

Tips for Taking Great Bird Photos From the Comfort of Your Car

— Photographer Diana Whiting has found birds are surprisingly acclimated to vehicles. Here she provides pointers on shooting from the front seat.
Lesser Goldfinch. Sandrine Biziaux-Scherson

How to Capture the Splash Effect at Your Bird Bath or Fountain

— Freeze water droplets in mid-air to create dramatic bird photography.
Hairy Woodpecker. Melissa Groo

How to Set Up the Perfect Perch for Backyard Bird Photography

— These tips will get you and your subject in position for a great image.

Pigeons Are Beautiful, so Start Photographing Them

— Photographer Andrew Garn shares his tips for capturing these underrated urban stalwarts in all of their iridescent glory.