Western Water News

The Age of Aridification on the Mighty Colorado River

— Ten strategies to mitigate the dryness of the West’s most critical water source.

The Entire Colorado River Basin is in Crisis

— We need climate action, now.

The Momentary Reprieve of Rain on the Rio Grande

— Rain is good, but adapting to climate change is better.

Federal Action Needed to Address Disastrous Drought, Wildfires, and Ecosystem Degradation in the West

— With a warming climate, Audubon is pushing for action—now.
Snowy Egret.

Arizona Legislative Session Results in Funding for Audubon Priorities

— But we have a long way to go in addressing the state’s increasing water crisis, temperatures, and wildfires.

Audubon's Frank Ruiz Testifies Before Congress on Salton Sea Bill

— HR 3877 would allow expanded federal participation in Salton Sea restoration efforts

Photos Capture New Flows in Colorado River Delta

— Water delivered through the desiccated channel will benefit the environment.

Audubon Boosts Water Awareness and Funding for Birds and People

— A recap of water in the 2021 Colorado legislative session.
White-faced Ibis. Craig Goettsch/Audubon Photography Awards

New Insights on Phenomenal Bird Numbers at Great Salt Lake

— Analysis reveals continued importance of the lake and need to understand factors affecting bird populations
Long-billed Dowitchers. Melissa James/Audubon Photography Awards

Many Partners Aim to Protect Nevada Wetlands for Shorebirds

— Analysis at Lahontan Valley Wetlands identifies bird species for habitat management.