Western Water News

How We Might Address the Water Crisis for the Colorado River and Birds in the West

— Solutions exist but need to be scaled up for the next year and beyond.

Grand Canyon’s Ecosystem at Risk with Colorado River Crisis

— We must address climate change to protect everything that depends on the River, including an iconic national park and its many fish and birds.

Collaborative Efforts Elevate Shorebirds During Spring Migration in Lahontan Valley

— A conversation about the future of Nevada’s shorebirds.

Ring the Alarm: Today’s Water Crisis Isn’t a Fire Drill

— Why Audubon’s work in the West is more important than ever.

John Oliver Tackles the Colorado River on HBO’s Last Week Tonight

— Comedian explains the dire lack of water in the Southwest.

Historic Investments in Water, Bipartisan Budget Deal Close Out the 2022 Arizona Legislative Session–but No Progress on Rural Groundwater Management

— The Water for Arizona Coalition celebrates $440 million in conservation investments, but mourns the lack of movement on groundwater.

Audubon and The Nature Conservancy to Lead Great Salt Lake Water Trust

— “The selection ensures expert management of an unprecedented $40 million program to protect the drying lake.”

New Dire Colorado River Warnings from the Federal Government

— Arizona’s leaders must take action to conserve water supplies.
Water flows in the Colorado River Delta.

Water for the Colorado River Delta in a Dry Year

— Binational agreement a model for river management in a climate change world.

Stumbling Toward “Day Zero” on the Colorado River

— Urgent action needed from seven states and feds to avoid water crisis.