Western Water News

Bringing the Issue of Declining Groundwater to the Surface

— Webinar series elevates dialogue on one of Arizona’s most precious resources

We Need More Voices Calling for Change in Arizona

— Status quo is not an option if we are to achieve a sustainable water future for birds and people.

Audubon's Jennifer Pitt Testifies before U.S. Senate on Drought and Climate Change

— Audubon is calling for federal leadership and funds to mitigate current disasters and enhance climate resilience in the West.

A Step Forward in Securing Water for a Drying Great Salt Lake

— Collaboration of business, government agencies, and conservation groups dedicate water to Farmington Bay of Great Salt Lake for ten years.
American White Pelican. Joanne Wuori/Audubon Photography Awards

The West Urgently Needs Federal Funds to Address Drought, Wildfire, and Climate Change

— With big spending bills on the horizon, Congress needs to prioritize water security for people and birds.

U.S. House of Representatives Introduces Audubon-supported Saline Lake Ecosystems Bill

— The bill provides for a coordinated scientific effort to inform effective management and conservation of Saline Lake habitats in the arid West.

Audubon: Arizona Communities Should be Able to Protect their Groundwater Resources

— Policy Director Haley Paul testifies before Arizona House Study Committee examining groundwater issues.

Preparing for a Botulism Outbreak on the Klamath

— Wildlife Rehabilitators with Bird Ally X Give an Insider’s Look
Great Blue Heron.

Drought? This Is What Climate Change Looks like in the West

— A personal take on Audubon’s work to make the arid West more livable for people and birds.

U.S. Declares Water Delivery Reductions to Southwestern States as Climate Change Devastates Colorado River

— Plans are in place for 2022, but 2023 and future years could be even more challenging.