Western Water News

Audubon and Partners Take Lake Abert Issues Straight to Oregon Governor

— Critically low water levels require action from state.

Getting Water to Places Birds Need Most

— Audubon’s California water policy priorities in 2022.

Race against Climate Change and Water Stress in Colorado

— Water Priorities for 2022 Legislative Session.

Utah 2022 Legislative Session Kicks Off Today—and It Should Be a Big Year for Water Policy

— First Great Salt Lake Summit brings momentum for 2022 legislative session.

Investing in Arizona’s Water will Improve Outlook for People and Birds

— Audubon’s priorities for the 2022 Arizona Legislative Session.

Audubon: "It's encouraging to see the Utah Legislature recognizing the urgency of Great Salt Lake’s record low water levels"

— A statement from Marcelle Shoop, Saline Lakes Program Director.

Science Partners Demonstrate Importance of Adequate Water Levels for Birds at Great Salt Lake

— Analysis highlights the need to maintain and increase surface flows for birds.

The State of the Colorado River Going into 2022

— The rules of the Colorado River need to match modern values and our climate realities.

Amid a Drought Crisis, Inspiration from Our Work in Western Water for Birds and People

— In 2021, Audubon led the way in protecting rivers, lakes, and bird habitat in the West.

Fall Update: Partners Work Together to Monitor Shorebirds and Their Habitat in the Lahontan Wetlands

— National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant allows for more bird surveys in Nevada.