Western Water News

The Colorado River Compact at 100

— Can it survive another century?

Birds of Great Salt Lake’s South Arm Ecosystem Threatened

— As Gilbert Bay’s water level declines and salinity levels rise, what birds are at risk?

Regional Shorebird Surveys Provide a Look at Changing Habitat Around the West

— On-the-ground assessments of how drought is impacting birds in the Great Basin.

Restoration Efforts in the Colorado River Delta are Working

— Sound science is helping us help birds.

Why is the Colorado River in crisis, and what is being done about it?

— Pressing questions to an urgent problem asked and explained.

A Path through the Brewing Climate Crisis on the Colorado River

— Adaptation and mitigation measures must go hand in hand.

How to Negotiate for Peace, Resilience, and Environment on the Colorado River

— Audubon’s letter to address historically low water supplies.

What the Inflation Reduction Act Means for Water in the West

— Groundbreaking law provides critical funding for megadrought in the West and incentives for clean energy.

Feds Predictably Declare Record Shortage on the Colorado River

— Water scarcity on the River means deeper cuts are coming.

Federal to Local Investment Converges at Rio Salado Audubon Center

— Transportation Secretary Buttigieg announces urban infrastructure grants in Phoenix