Northern Bobwhite. Photo: Barbara Baird/Audubon Photography Awards

Audubon Photography Awards

Here Are Twelve Photos of Hungry Birds and Their Meals

Bugs, carrion, partially digested fish—these avians don't discriminate.

Editor's Note: This gallery consists of images submitted to our annual Audubon Photography Awards. If you haven't yet, check out this year's winning photographs, along with our slideshow of the top 100 shots. You can also see other 2017 entries in these collections of fascinating bird behaviors, humorous close-up shots, and adorable baby birds. To see last year's winners, go here

Bonus: Should these photos inspire you to dust off your old camera or even buy a new one, here are some tips and how-tos for taking great bird photographs, as well as our guidelines for ethical bird photography. And if you just want to learn more about the birds around you, download our free Audubon bird guide app to begin identifying 821 North American species today. Along with information on field marks, habitat preferences, and behaviors, the app provides up to eight hours of bird calls and songs. It can also access the most recent eBird updates, and is available for Apple, Android and Amazon Kindle devices. In other words, it's great. 


A juvenile Anhinga reaches down the neck of its parent to feed on partially digested fish being regurgitated. Photo: Delsa Anderl/Audubon Photography Awards


Short-billed Dowitcher. Photo: Peter Brannon/Audubon Photography Awards


Great Blue Heron. Photo: Daniel Dietrich/Audubon Photography Awards


Sandhill Cranes and Red-winged Blackbird. Photo: Linda Arndt/Audubon Photography Awards


Anhinga. Photo: Dragana Connaughton/Audubon Photography Awards


Marabou Stork and White-backed Vultures. Photo: Teri Franzen/Audubon Photography Awards


American Oystercatcher. Photo: Greg Gard/Audubon Photography Awards


Great Blue Heron. Photo: Peter Brannon/Audubon Photography Awards


Von der Decken's Hornbill. Photo: Mark Hendricks/Audubon Photography Awards


Green-crowned Brilliants. Photo: Judy Lynn Malloch/Audubon Photography Awards


Black Guillemot. Photo: Geoffrey Montagu/Audubon Photography Awards


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