The 2017 Audubon Photography Awards: Top 100

Explore the incredible pool of photographs our judges had to choose from, along with each image's backstory.
Every year, photographers submit thousands of images to Audubon's Annual Photography Awards, and every year our panel of expert judges must whittle the contenders down to just four that represent the best of the best. There are many more worthy images, however, that capture birds in breathtaking scenes and fascinating behaviors, and so we've compiled 100 of those in the following photo gallery.
Go ahead and click through—we know you will be as taken with the variety of birdlife and the ingenuity of bird photographers as we were. And if you're inspired to pick up a camera and pursue avian subjects of your own, browse our guide to bird photography, where we've collected advice from experts, and tips on the best gear for getting started. 

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