We Need More Voices Calling for Change in Arizona

Status quo is not an option if we are to achieve a sustainable water future for birds and people.

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The entire Colorado River Basin is in crisis, and there is currently little in Arizona state law to protect groundwater-fed rivers and streams and their nearby habitat. We need our leaders to act on water. This coming legislative session, will you commit to using your voice and speak up for the birds, and the rivers and habitat they so desperately need?

When you join the Western Rivers Action Network, we will keep you updated on all things water—and we will call on you to use your voice to have the greatest impact with your elected officials. At Audubon, we are constantly tracking the various arenas where water policy and water management are discussed—and we keep you up to speed and in the know with articles, webinars, and other opportunities to learn more about these complex but critical water management decisions, and how they affect birds.

And there are signs of hope, thanks to advocates like you getting involved and staying engaged. This spring and through October, the Colorado River flowed in its delta, despite historic drought. Over the last legislative session, we helped pass a law that will leave more water in rivers and encourage conservation from water users. And we’re only just getting started.

We hope you will join us and sign up for the Western Rivers Action Network today. Share this link with your friends and family who want to do something about Arizona’s water future—for people, and for the birds. To sign up for Spanish-language updates, sign up here.