Audubon Calendars

From nature and gardening tips to sweet songbirds and owlets, these calendars are a great way to get your daily dose of birds.

Each of our calendars are filled with gorgeous photography and feature helpful tips and information on the birds you love!  Plus all are printed on responsibly-sourced paper.

You may find and purchase any of our 2023 calendars here and explore each title below, including several all-new additions.

*New* Kids Birding Activity Calendar 2023

Introducing our all-new Kids Birding activity wall calendar. Each month features gorgeous photographs of birds in their natural habitats, fascinating facts about the world’s bird species, and tips for how kids can help the birds in their local environment. Plus, games and projects: Play a version of “I Spy” in your community's outdoor spaces. Make a bird feeder out of recycled materials to help keep avian visitors healthy and fed. And map out a Habitat Patch to observe the birding (and other) activity in a small space over time. Comes with a whole flock of stickers! Printed on responsibly sourced paper. $16.99

Arctic Wall Calendar 2023

Back for a second year: celebrate one of Earth's most remote and spectacular regions with our stunning Arctic wall calendar. Featuring exquisite photographs that showcase the Arctic's diverse wildlife, majestic landscapes, and ethereal beauty. Engaging captions include information about each image, plus Audubon's fight to protect the land from industrial threats. $15.99

*New* Nature Wall Calendar 2023

Enjoy our all-new Nature Wall calendar, which captures the North American wilderness at its most majestic and most beautiful. Each month, Audubon Nature features an exquisite, full-color photograph showcasing pristine landscapes and distinctive wildlife. Mount Rainier National Park blanketed in a fresh snowfall. A bottlenose dolphin cavorting off the Hawaiian coast. The startling rock formations of Arizona’s Monument Valley. And a Piping Plover guarding her eggs on a Long Island beach. $15.99

Little Shorebirds Mini Wall Calendar 2023

From a Black-winged Stilt reflected in the surf to an American Oystercatcher tenderly feeding her chick, this all-new Little Shorebirds mini wall calendar is a tribute to the diversity of shorebirds and the delicate ecosystems they inhabit, all exquisitely photographed. Includes information on calls, habitat, and range. $8.99

Birds in the Garden Wall Calendar 2023

Our best-selling Birds in the Garden calendar is a celebration of backyard or local community birding, filled with wonderful photographs; useful pointers on growing native plants; advice on cultivating bird-friendly habitats; and more. $15.99

Nature Page-A-Day Gallery Calendar 2023

Audubon's Nature calendar is back in a high-quality gallery format, showcasing a stunning collection of images featuring birds and the beautiful areas they inhabit around the world. $18.99

Little Owls Mini Wall Calendar 2023

After sellout first runs in previous years, the Little Owls mini wall calendar is back for another year full of adorable photos of the cutest owlets feeding, perching, and about to take flight.  The tiny size is perfect for lockers, cubicles, and other small spaces.  $8.99

*New* Desert Wildflowers Wall Calendar 2023

Introducing Desert Wildflowers, our newest title showcasing a year of desert flowers photographed in their native habitats, in full color and gorgeous detail. It’s a celebration of how beauty can appear in the most unexpected, even formidable, places, and a true delight for the nature lover.   $15.99

Nature Engagement Calendar 2023

The bestselling Engagement Calendar offers a weekly schedule of full-color images coupled with grids to note those special dates, moments, and milestones.  Use it to keep track of all the different birds you spot this year. $16.99

365 Picture-a-Day Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds Wall Calendar

The Audubon Songbirds & Other Backyard Birds calendar offers a daily dose of brilliant bird photography along with detailed information about each species.  $16.99

Birds Page-A-Day and Gallery 2023 Calendar

Talk about getting your daily dose of birds! The Audubon Birds Page-A-Day 2022 Calendar offers 365 birds, inviting you to appreciate the beauty, wonder, and diversity found in avian species each and every morning.  $16.99

*New* Now also available in our high-quality Page-a-Day Gallery format! $19.99