Chapters in Action

Audubon chapter members spur conservation efforts across the flyways.

From coast to coast, Audubon chapters work year round to protect birds and save habitat. The work done by chapter members in hundreds of communities has led to successful conservation legislation, bird counts, and habitat restoration.


Madrone Audubon Society, CA

Protecting Cliff Swallows

In early 2014 Madrone Audubon, among other plaintiffs, reached two settlement agreements with defendant CalTrans and defendant Federal Highway Transportation Administration to protect nesting Cliff Swallows. Netting that had trapped Cliff Swallows attempting to nest was removed from two Petaluma, California bridges, and bird-safe materials were installed for 2014 nesting season. Monitoring visits occurred pre-nesting, during nesting and post-nesting, and outreach pamphlets were sent out to Petaluma property owners and residents who might have observed nesting behavior on their structures. As of the end of the 2014 nesting season, no disturbance was recorded at the (albeit smaller) Cliff Swallow colony at the bridges.

West Volusia Audubon Society, FL

Support for Florida's Water and Land Legacy Amendment 

West Volusia Audubon Society was very active in successfully rallying support for Florida's Water and Land Legacy Amendment.

Sacajawea Audubon Society, MT

Creating Story Mill Community Park                                                                   

Partnered with Trust For Public Land to help create a new nature-based city park in Bozeman, MT. Raised public awareness regarding the creation of the Sacajawea Audubon Society organized letter writing campaign and public testimony at Bozeman, Montana, city commission hearings to help secure approval for creating a community park. Once approved, chapter volunteers led bird walks, installed nest boxes, created a park bird list and helped with weed control on the property.

Citizen Science   

Plumas Audubon Society, CA

Plumas Audubon internships summer 2014

Plumas Audubon offered eight internships this summer, giving interns valuable hands-on experience with field biology, conservation, and education. Interns provided valuable assistance on a variety of projects, including the Lake Davis Flammulated Owl and Aechmophorus Grebe studies, as well as Bank Swallow surveys and avian point count surveys. Interns also helped with outreach and education efforts and helped run a Traditional Ecological Knowledge symposium in Genesee Valley.

Buffalo Audubon Society, NY

Joseph Davis State Park habitat improvements      

Buffalo Audubon Society removed all invasive species and replaced them with native species at Joseph Davis State Park. Supported by over $550,000 in funding from the Niagara River Greenway, US Fish & Wildlife Joint Venture Program and National Fish & Wildlife Foundation, the chapter restored 137 acres of shrub-scrub habitat in the Niagara River Corridor IBA, removing honeysuckle, multiflora rose and other non-native invasive species and replanting these areas with a diverse array of native species--all to benefit native bird communities.

Central Texas Audubon Society, TX

Completion of eagle tower at Lake Waco-Lacy Point

Central Texas Audubon Society participated with the Cameron Park Zoo, City of Waco, Nemmer Electric, Reliant Energy, Coyote Security, and Lake Waco Corps of Engineers to erect a 40-foot eagle tower for nesting Bald Eagles at Lake Waco. The eagles previously nested in decaying cottonwood trees that did not provide a sustainable home for the eaglets.