Andrew Lawler lives in rural Maine and contributes to Science Magazine, Smithsonian, National Geographic, and others.

Articles by Andrew Lawler

Stalking the Wild Ur-Chicken

By Andrew Lawler
November 26, 2014 — A small town in Georgia may hold the genetic key to the future of poultry.
Climate-Threatened Birds

Rufous Hummingbirds Turning Up in Unusual Places

By Andrew Lawler
March 11, 2013 — Is climate change the reason, or are birders just paying closer attention?

Climate Change Spurs Remarkable Melting in Greenland

By Andrew Lawler
April 12, 2012 — Researchers zero in on a little-known landscape that offers some chilling lessons on the future of global warming.
International Travel

Mideast Miracle

By Andrew Lawler
November 01, 2011 — Amid the region’s political and religious turmoil, Jordan has set up a cluster of national parks that conserve an astonishing array of biodiversity.