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International Travel

Beyond the Coca Curtain: Can Birding Build an Economic Base in Colombia?

By Martha Harbison
February 29, 2016 — Colombia hosts more bird species than in any other country on the planet, but for years nobody dared to seek them. Now, with peace on the horizon, birders could offer a solution.
Photograph by Emmanuel Rondeau.
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Costa Rica Untapped

By T. Edward Nickens
January 01, 2015 — If you’re looking for real wilderness adventure in one of the world’s most popular nature travel destinations, get off the beaten path on the Osa Peninsula.
Photograph by Kim Hubbard.
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Parrots of the Caribbean

By Ted O’Callahan
January 01, 2015 — If you have heard of Bonaire at all, you may think of it as a haven for scuba divers or, maybe, loggerhead turtles. But this tiny island might also offer the best chance of survival for the yellow-shouldered Amazon parrot.
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Galapagos Journal: Tracing Darwin’s Footsteps

By Terry Tempest Williams
November 20, 2014 — Inspired by the great naturalist, a modern writer keeps a Galápagos journal of her own.
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Galapagos Journal: Saving the World's Most Famous Garden of Biodiversity

By Rick Bass
November 19, 2014 — We could lose many of the Galapagos' still-evolving creatures, unless we shake off our stupor and act.
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Galapagos Journal: A Quest to See a Place Untouched by Climate Change

By Doug Peacock
November 17, 2014 — A brush with mortality spurs a trip to the equator.
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The Island at the End of the Earth

By Peter Matthiessen
June 25, 2014 — Just 800 miles from Antarctica, South Georgia intrigued Captain Cook, delighted whalers, and saved Ernest Shackleton. Today it has one of the greatest concentrations of marine birds and mammals on earth.
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Beautiful and Bird-Filled Belize

By Mel White
November 05, 2013 — A trip to this Central American country reveals otherworldly vistas and even the remote chance of seeing a jaguar. What's guaranteed, however, is spectacular birdlife.
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Mission to Montserrat

By Christopher R. Cox
June 26, 2013 — The tiny Caribbean Island buried almost 20 years ago by a still-smoldering volcano is now brimming with signs of life, a thriving a population of orioles brought back from the brink of extinction, and the looming threat of another blast.
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The Falkland Islands: A Birder’s Grail Destination

By Scott Weidensaul
May 08, 2013 — The otherworldly, windswept Falklands are home to such a vast and diverse array of wildlife—including five species of penguins—that the archipelago has become a grail destination for adventurous birders and nature lovers.