Nectar Sources by Region

Hummingbird researchers, gardeners, and the Pollinator Partnership (‎) have developed a set of regional lists of nectar source plants that are attractive to hummingbirds.  These lists include both native plants and cultivars, and while there are many species of flowering plants here for each region these lists should be considered as starting point only.  While the plants on these lists will all attract hummingbirds, the ultimate goal of Hummingbirds at Home will be to find out which of these flowers (or perhaps others) are the *most* beneficial sources of nectar for hummingbirds throughout the breeding season in each region.

These lists were created from one of the appendices in Nancy Newfield and Barbara Nielsen’s wonderful book “Hummingbird Gardens:  Attracting Nature’s Jewels to Your Backyard”.

To find out which plants attract hummingbirds in your region, please click on the links below:


Pacific Northwest


Western Mountains


East and Midwest

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