Paige Curtis

Editorial Fellow, Audubon Magazine

Articles by Paige Curtis

Still from an animated film of three ducks flying over tree-covered hills.
The New Animated Film ‘Migration’ Draws Inspiration From Birds' Real Journeys
December 21, 2023 — Here’s what the Universal Pictures film got right (and wrong) about one Mallard family’s epic adventure.
A colorful male wood duck flaps its wings rising up out of the water on a misty lake.
10 Fun Facts About the Wood Duck
December 13, 2023 — Discover what makes this dazzling duck a prolific nester and a master of woody swamps.
The Power, Limits, and Evolving Uses of the Endangered Species Act
November 17, 2023 — Close to 1,700 animals and plants have been listed under the policy, each with its own rich, complex history. These nine case studies represent benchmark moments in the act's history.
Two sandhill cranes flying in front of out-of-focus transmission lines.
The Race Is on to Build Big Power Lines, Clean Energy’s Missing Ingredient
November 07, 2023 — Careful siting and thoughtful construction can make transmission lines less dangerous for birds, experts say.
What This Gruesome Stork Taught Us About Bird Migration
October 30, 2023 — Long before tracking technology, the most concrete testament to bird migration was a stork impaled by a spear.
Green leaves with irregular dark bands on a tree branch.
A Fast-Spreading Disease Threatens a Foundational Tree of Eastern Forests
September 27, 2023 — Beech leaf disease is bad news for birds, which also may be spreading it.
Three sparrows with colorful bands on their legs forage for seeds on the ground.
Golden-crowned Sparrows Prefer to Spend Winter With Their Buddies
August 29, 2023 — A decade-long bird monitoring program found that the songbirds are more likely to live and travel with their friends.