Santiago Flórez is a Colombian journalist, educator, and anthropologist based in New York City.  He is passionate about migratory birds, hummingbirds and how to make nature accessible. 

Articles by Santiago Flórez

A man walks down a grassy trail in a field, towards a forested area. There is a railing made of rope to one side. We see the man from behind, and he has his hands on a rope.

Birding As a Blind Person Is Now Easier in Colombia, Thanks to a Tourism Project

By Santiago Flórez
November 30, 2022 — The unique effort, consisting of six trails and trained guides, is a showcase for ideas that make birds and nature more accessible.

An Annual Birding Competition Adapts to the Pandemic By Going Global

By Santiago Flórez
May 28, 2020 — Every spring, birders at the American Museum of Natural History vie to see the most birds in Central Park. This year, competing from their quarantine spots around the world brought unexpected benefits.