Ted Williams is freelance writer.

Articles by Ted Williams


How Congress Can Protect Seabirds With One Simple Act

By Ted Williams
April 21, 2016 — By signing ACAP, the United States would save seabirds from bad fishing practices.

Stop Cheating Our Wildlife

By Ted Williams
June 26, 2015 — It’s time for Congress to fully fund and permanently authorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Pulling the Plug on an Energy Project in New England

By Ted Williams
May 12, 2014 — A habitat-destroying transmission line hits a wall in New Hampshire.

Green Energy: Can We Save the Planet and Save Birds?

By Ted Williams
March 08, 2014 — Wildlife-smart wind power may be as close as it gets to "green energy." But over vast swaths of America, the "smart" part is still more hot air than reality--especially when it comes to raptors.

Big Win for Arctic Wildlife

By Ted Williams
January 27, 2014 — U.S. court rejects offshore oil leases in Arctic waters.

Northern Great Plains Grassland and Wetland Habitat Falls to the Plow

By Ted Williams
January 21, 2014 — Vital prairie pothole habitat is disappearing. Reformed farm- and ethanol-subsidy programs—and economic incentives—are needed to leave these crucial lands alone.

Shell Shows It Can’t Ensure Safe Offshore Oil Operations in the Arctic

By Ted Williams
December 06, 2013 — When it came time to prove it could safely handle an offshore spill in Alaska, the oil company flunked its own test.

Help End the Bluefin Blues

By Ted Williams
November 07, 2013 — Proposed fishing regulations could help this threatened tuna, but advocates say they’re not enough.

Longline Fishing's Unintended Victims: Billfish, Sharks, and Tuna

By Ted Williams
September 27, 2013 — What's good for protecting some species from longlines can lead to disaster for others.

Longline Fishing's Unintended Victims: Turtles

By Ted Williams
September 26, 2013 — Many sea turtles die each year from longline fishing, but circle hooks and buoy gear help protect loggerheads and leatherbacks.